brochure3The Future of Japanese Studies at Cambridge

Over its first 70 years, Japanese Studies at the University of Cambridge has been instrumental in increasing understanding of Japan and East Asia in the UK. However, discussion of Japan and East Asia is often absent from key debates in other disciplines. It is our belief that the world can learn from Japan’s experiences in a variety of ways and, for that reason, the study of Japan needs to be brought into mainstream academe. At the same time, we have an obligation to introduce the best of scholarship at Cambridge to Japan, as the challenges we face today require collaboration and dialogue across domestic and international borders.

At this critical juncture in the development of Japanese Studies at Cambridge, we aim to ensure that Japan is not studied in isolation but is approached from a comparative and integrated perspective that recognizes the importance of East Asia both as a region of deep-rooted customs and histories, and as a dynamic area of rapid economic, social, and technological change.

Japan is central to the East Asia region where significant political, environmental and scientific challenges require new and imaginative solutions developed in collaboration with Asian and European partners.