Abe’s Japan, Strategic Options and the Korean nuclear crisis

Dr John Nilsson-Wright will be giving a talk this week as part of SOAS’s JRC Seminar Programme. The talk titled: ‘Abe’s Japan, Strategic Options and the Korean nuclear crisis’ will take place this Wednesday (25th April 2018) 5 – 7pm at SOAS, University of London. For more information follow the link below.



In the wake of two nuclear tests in 2016, an additional test in 2017 and a series of missile launches by North Korea in 2016-17, Japan’s government is facing a critical set of security challenges. These require adaptation and careful planning by the Abe administration and raise important questions about the future of Japanese defence policy, alliance relations with the United States, and cooperation between Japan and the Republic of Korea. The talk will consider both the history and current state of relations between Tokyo, Washington and Seoul, the relationship between elite and public opinion within Japan, and the character of Prime Minister Abe’s leadership at a time of acute strategic (and domestic political) risk. While the danger of conflict in northeast Asia should not be minimized, the gravity of the current crisis potentially offers an important opportunity for policy innovation for the governing Liberal Democratic Party (LDP).




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