Japanese Studies launches new student travel fund campaign

Owing to a generous anonymous donation, we are extremely pleased to announce the launch of a new student travel fund for study in Japan. Our goal is now to build up this bursary to expand what we can offer students in need. Consequently, we are launching a travel fund campaign with the goal of raising an additional £40,000, which would allow us to offer annual bursaries to 2-3 students.

With this new travel fund, we aim to establish a travel bursary that students in need can access while enrolled. Turning to our partners, friends and alumni, we ask you to make a contribution so that we may reach our goal to create this fund and enable the meaningful exchange of ideas.


Support the Japanese Studies Student Travel Fund

To donate online please go to:


For more information, or to discuss your philanthropic goals, please contact:

Prof Mickey Adolphson: sma75@cam.ac.uk

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