North Korea: Comment and analysis from Dr John Nilsson-Wright

Regional developments in Northeast Asia have kept John Nilsson-Wright busy commenting at length in the UK and international media.

See below for a full list of UK and international print and media comment and analysis:

1. North Korea 

2. South Korea

3. Japan

1. On North Korea (missile launches, nuclear test, decapitation options, Kim’s motivations, Trump’s options, prospects for US alliance relations in NE Asia, the role of China; assassination of Kim Jong-nam)

a. BBC online articles:
b. The Independent
c. The Guardian
d. Bloomberg
e. New Statesman
f. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
g. Testimony to House of Commons Defence Committee
h. The Banker (discussing China’s response to North Korea)
i. Newsweek 
j. Chatham House

k. Amodei Production: Monologue for Two

(Independent Belarusian TV station)

l. The Sun

TRUMPED! Donald Trump’s ‘fire and fury’ rants have forced Kim Jong-un to ‘de-escalate’ nuke stand-off because he’s terrified of US attack, experts reveal

m. ITN’s Channel 5 news

North and South Korea resume diplomatic talks

n. Joongangilbo

Interview in Korean on the topic of North Korea

o. ISPI (Instituto per gli Studi di Politica Internazionale)

90 Minute panel discussion ‘Dynamics on the Korean Peninsual after the inter-Korean Summit’

p. Monocle Radio – The Globalist

The latest peninsula developments, looking ahead to president Moon Jae-in’s 3 day visit to Pyongyang on September 18 and this week’s statement from Kim Jong-un suggesting that he’s prepared to commit to complete denuclearisation by the end of Donald Trump’s first term in office.

Discussion on US – NK Hanoi Summit February 2019

q. Arirang

Skype interview with Arirang News Centre discussing the first day of the Inter-Korean Summit, September 2018

r. KF – VUB Korea Chair podcast, released 30 November 2019

s. France 24

30 minute discussion on the US – NK Summit held in Hanoi, February 2019

2. On South Korea (President Moon Jae In’s election andPark Geun-hye’s impeachment; foreign policy challenges for the Moon administration)

a. BBC online articles:
b. Global Asia:

c. Monocle


3. On Japan (options for dealing with North Korea; risk of weakening of alliance ties with US; Abe’s snap election and what it means for the LDP and Koike’s new party)
a. Bulletin of Atomic Scientists
b. Prospect
c. Chatham House 

d. Newsweek

Japan Election: In North Korea’s Shadow, Shinzo Abe Gambles for Power

e. Monocle

f. The Independent

What does Shinzo Abe’s election win mean for Japan?

g. Kyoto News

Short interview with John Nilsson-Wright

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