Dr Barak Kushner gives keynote speech at international conference at Waseda University

International Symposium

“Towards the Creation of Reconciliation Studies”

Dec 16 2017

Dr Barak Kushner gave a keynote presentation at Waseda University’s international symposium “Towards the Creation of Reconciliation Studies”, the talk was titled ‘Unique Aspects of the East Asian Region Concerning the Historical Background to Reconciliation’


The purpose of the symposium was to bring together academics in the field of East Asian studies to discuss transnational justice theory in the context of reconciliation. “This project, whose purpose is the creation of reconciliation studies, aims to seek the social basis for effectively promoting this process through active dialogue and debate among people who share the desire for reconciliation, on the basis of distinctively East Asian historical context.”

For a full list of speakers at the symposium and to read more on the project visit the Organisation for Regional and Inter-regional Studies section of the Waseda University website here:


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