Azuma Kagami Translation Project Workshop

Friday 10th August
The first day of the Azuma Kagami Translation workshop got off to a flying start with a fascinating keynote presentation by Professor Kondo Shigekazu. Professor Kondo’s presentation examined recent scholarship on the Azuma Kagami, its value as a historical record and when and how it was compiled.

The second session of the morning was lead by Professor Adolphson who outlined the vision for the future of the project.


Thursday 9th August 2018
Starting Friday 10th August an international group of premodern historians will gather in Cambridge for the Azuma Kagami Translation workshop. This workshop is the first stage in the exciting new Azuma Kagami translation project headed by Professor Mikael Adolphson: ‘Traditions of Japanese Leadership: The Azuma Kagami as a Primer for Warrior Rule’ 

Working internationally with five clusters of researchers the project aims to produce a complete English translation of the 13th century Azuma Kagami. This project is forecast to take 5 years, and will represent a huge step forward for Japanese premodern historians, with plans for the translation and corresponding essays to be made publicly available online through the University of Kyoto.

To read more about the project please follow the link below to the Faculty webpages: 

To view the workshop programme:
Workshop programme

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