Rakugo Master praises Cambridge Japanese students in new book

In November 2017 we had the privilege of hosting a rakugo performance (traditional Japanese comedic storytelling) by one of Japan’s leading performers, Master Yanagiya Kyōtaro 柳家喬太郎. During his visit Japanese Studies students and staff had the opportunity to interact directly with Master Kyōtaro. In exclusive extracts from his new book we read about how the Japanese language level of our second-year students impressed Kyōtaro, how their knowledge of Japanese literature resonated deeply with him, and learn more about his performance.

The book is titled: Yanagiya Kyōtaro no Yōroppa rakugo dōchūki 柳家喬太郎のヨーロッパ落語道中記 (Yanagiya Kyōtaro’s travelogue of his European rakugo tour; Tokyo: Filmart, 2019). 

Pictured (right) is an extract from the book – to read further please click on the link to the PDF at the top of the page.

We would like to thank Master Yanagiya Kyōtaro, Mr Baba Ken’ichi, Ms Muto Naomi, and Mr Chiba Hideki of Filmart for granting permission to reproduce parts of the book 柳家喬太郎のヨーロッパ落語道中記 here. To read the complete text please visit: http://filmart.co.jp/books/composite_art/kyonkyon_in_europe/ 

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