New Chatham House Report on UK – Japan Relations Published, Edited by Dr John Nilsson-Wright

To download the full report please go to the Chatham House website here:

As Japan and the United Kingdom face serious challenges at home and in their respective regions, a new report from Chatham House makes the case that a stronger relationship could advance each country’s national interests as well as wider global concerns. 

The UK and Japan: Forging a Global and Proactive Partnership looks beyond a ‘Global Britain’ and Japan’s ‘proactive pursuit of peace’ to examine how both countries can realize the ambitions behind the slogans. The report identifies areas for future development including soft power collaboration and increased foreign direct investment and recommends that the UK and Japan work together to sustain the rules-based international order and enhance security in the Asia Pacific region.

The report has been authored by a group of experts with wide-ranging experience in government, international affairs, trade and business from both nations. It represents the culmination of a five-year project between Chatham House and the Nippon Foundation to examine bilateral relations between the UK and Japan.

Selected quotes from Dr John Nilsson-Wright, Senior Research Fellow, Chatham House 

“Japan and the UK, as long-standing allies of the US, and as mid-sized powers grappling with substantial security risks in their immediate neighbourhoods – have powerful incentives to boost their bilateral cooperation.”

“It is vital that both countries expand their joint efforts as international partners, if not formal allies,

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