Prof Barak Kushner and Postdoctoral Research Associate Dr Kuan-Jen Chen hold international workshop at Shanghai Jiaotong University, China

Prof Barak Kushner and Dr Kuan-Jen Chen managed an international workshop with Dr Chang Chihyun (Shanghai Jiaotong University) in Shanghai from 30 July to 1 August. The workshop was based on Prof Kushner’s Chiang Ching-kuo Foundation project: Charting the Geography of Power: Visualizing the Shifting Landscape from Imperial to Postwar East Asia through War Crimes Trials. Prof Kushner, Dr Chang, and Dr Chen introduced the progress made in designing and building the war crimes mapping GIS website. Miss Ho Chia-Wei and Mr Chang Hsiu-Jui (Feng Chia University, Taiwan) demonstrated the updates to the website and the new tools that will be useable upon completion for statistical evaluation and geo-mapping. Prof Kawashima Shin (University of Tokyo) offered feedback concerning how to improve the website when adding the new data from the CCP trials and other datasets in the future. Dr Lan Shi-Chi (National Chengchi University, Taiwan), Dr Yan Haijian (Nanjing Normal University), and Miss Sun Yi (Shanghai Jiaotong University) presented their current research projects about war criminals and postwar East Asia. Dr Chang’s postgraduate students also attended and offered commentary from the perspective of student users. In addition, all the attendees offered numerous suggestions for how to revise the layout and access of the website. A group discussion was held on both afternoons of the conference and the conversations continued into the conference dinners as well. Plans were laid to hold the 2nd conference in either Taiwan or mainland China.

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